Vinyl Tops

Vinyl Tops – over the years, vinyl tops lose their elasticity, become brittle, break apart and start peeling. It is essential when this happens to have it replaced; lf not, water will begin to seep in through the cracks causing the roof to rust out, often, undetected. You want to replace your vinyl top long before the roof can become damaged beyond repair.


Over the last two decades, All Star Upholstery has installed thousands of ¼, ½ and full padded vinyl tops on most all makes and models of antiques, classics, muscle cars and limousines. Whether you are in need of a complete factory vinyl top restoration or an add on ½ top replacement, we can expertly make your top look and feel new again; bringing your car back to its former glory. We have retained all of the patterns we have made over the years, but if a pattern is unavailable for your specific make, model and year car, we can precisely custom hand pattern one for you.

Custom Vinyl Tops – if you are looking to restyle your top, we offer a wide variety of choices of vinyl colors and grains and fabric top materials. You also have your choice of factory original style seams, French seams, universal center seams as well as thread color options.

TIP– if your vinyl top has bubbles underneath it, this is usually indicative of rust. A rusting roof issue would need to corrected before replacing your vinyl top