Seat Heaters

On even the coldest of winter days, long before your vehicles car heater has a chance to kick-in, your new seat heater will quickly deliver heat; providing your body with comforting warmth through your seats back and cushion.


Being a Minnesota company, All Star Upholstery has decades of experience installing aftermarket seat heaters. We are very proficient at installing them in most any vehicle. Your seat covers are carefully removed and the heating elements are adhered to the base of the foam cushions. Afterward, your seat covers will be re-installed to original factory design. In no way will the look of your cars seats change.

Seat heaters are available in Single or Dual Heat Systems. Each system is fused individually and wired safely into your cars electrical system. A separate lighted switch is provided with each system and you can rest assured they are fabricated to be very durable for many years of safe and pleasurable use.

Switch Options: Switches can be mounted anywhere you would like them to be; on the dash, center counsel, on the door panel near the window switch or on the side of the seat itself.

We Offer Seat Heater Installation For:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • SUV’s
  • ATV’s
  • Motorcycle
  • Boats

OEM Seat Heater Installation and Repair: Please know that some seat heater grids are sewn into the seat cover when manufactured, and when they malfunction you do not want some aftermarket accessary shop just trying to make a quick buck installing your new seat heater when they do not know all of the in’s and out’s. Even twin city car dealerships send their cars in need of OEM seat heater repair to All Star Upholstery because they are not equipped nor do they have the working knowledge necessary to perform all of the work involved, in-house. You can trust All Star to perform your seat heater installation or repair as we have been taking seats apart and properly putting them back together on a daily basis for over twenty years. We know seat software, seat hardware and wiring – We know seats!”

Seat Heater Options Available:

  • On/Off Temperature Setting – Affordable Lower Priced Kit
  • High/Low Temperature Settings
  • High/Medium/Low Temperature Settings
  • Thermostat Controlled Heating
  • Automatic Dual Temperature Light Switch
  • High Setting Heat – Up to 140 Degrees
  • Digital Electronic Controller
  • One-Hour Safety Shut-Off
  • Compatibility to Work with Remote Car Starter
  • General Motors Licensed Kit Available
  • Carbon Fiber Element
  • UL Safety Certified Components
  • OEM Seat Heaters

Seat Coolers – seat coolers are installed as individual units or as a combination seat cooling and heat systems. Many seat cooling systems require the actual cooling system to be‘sewn in,’ a special foam and for the perforation of seat cover fabric. Call us and find out if we have a viable cooling option for your particular vehicle.