Custom Headliners

At All Star Upholstery, we are innovative, design specialists. And, with your help we have the skills and abilities to create for you a special, one-of-a-kind, customized headliner.

1950 mercury woody wagon (11)

Materials Offered:

  • Flames
  • Special Designs
  • Names
  • Logos

We can create your headliner in one-tone, two-tone or any options of various fabrics, such as leather and suede, and color choices. There are no limits to your options!

More than that, we also have the meticulously detailed skills to sew in special pattern design elements that can tie in with your seats and door panels.

We, furthermore, are extremely adept at incorporating a wide variety of inlay materials and designs, as well as using the addition of Windlace trimming in a headliner matching material or a contrasting one.

Essentially, when it comes to headliners, we are capable of creating for our clients whatever image they hold in their minds eye.

1 custom headliner