Muscle Car

All Star Upholstery has been completing extraordinary upholstery restorations and repairs for more than 22 years. Whether your car is a Pontiac GTO, Chrysler, Dodge, El Camino, Buick GS, Chevelle, Ford Mustang, Corvette, Cobra, Camaro, AMX or Shelby we are the shop with the expertise you’re looking for. We are known near and far for the amazing appearance of our muscle car interiors and convertible tops. From small repairs to full interior restorations and everything in between, there is little to nothing we are not capable of. We are truly gifted and innovative upholstery professionals who can bring your car’s interior back to show car, stock original or to stock restorod/ restomod or high-tech restomod style.

1 1970 chevelle upholstery interior

Stock Original Restoration – is the restoration of classic cars to their over-all ‘authentic’ condition. If parts cannot be repaired, NOS (New Old Stock) parts and materials are installed in the vehicle.
Restorod/Restomod Restoration- are classic cars brought back to almost original condition, but with modern enhancements for safety, performance, great looks and comfort such as new seats with raised side bolsters and lumbar supports.
Full High-Tech Custom Restomod Restoration– is the restoration of a classic car in a manner which combines the cars classic appearance with today’s performance, comforts and the convenience of technology.

A high-tech custom restomod restoration would include, but not limited to:

  • Custom Dash – customize existing dash or replace with complete customization
  • Custom Bucket Seats
  • Full-Length Center Console – w/hidden compartments for stereo system, navigation system
  • Climate Controls
  • Custom Door Panels with Chrome Moldings
  • Integrated Speakers Throughout
  • Custom Headliner
  • A Custom Stayfast Top – make to look factory produced
  • Custom Embroidery
  • Sculpted Door Panels
  • Wood Inlays; dash or doors
  • French Seams
  • Tuck and Roll Pleats

Materials Options:

  • European & Domestic Leathers
  • Ultra Leather
  • Exotic Leather; Crocodile, Ostrich, Alligator
  • Alacantara Suede
  • Vinyl
  • Fabric/Cloth

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