Sun Visors

For a consistently new looking interior, you will want to recover other components besides your headliner such as the Sun Visors, Overhead Consoles, Rear Sail Panels and Windshield Pillars. If they are not recovered, they will look strikingly old and worn out in comparison to your beautiful new headliner.

1 1940 ford sun visors

Sun Visors
We can make your sun visors look brand new again whether they are made with piping and chrome tips, vanity mirrors or are an old style fabric with leather finger tabs.

Overhead Consoles
Some vehicles have built in overhead consoles which are covered in the same material as your headliner. At All Star, we are just as accustomed to covering and recovering overhead consoles as we are headliners.

Rear Sail Panels & Windshield Pillars
Just as with your sun visors, other trim pieces such as rear sail panels and windshield pillars should not be neglected either. For an optimal appearing headliner restoration all of the aforementioned components should be recovered as well.

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