Sheepskin Seat Covers & Acc

Indulge yourself in the fine style, comfort and protection of sheepskin. The soft texture and comfort of sheepskin makes for a far more comfortable driving experience. Sheepskin also has the ability to provide extra warmth in those cold winter months and is capable of absorbing 33 % of its weight in moisture without feeling damp for dryer comfort during the heat of summer.

2 sheepskin seat covers

At All Star, we have the patterns to precisely make sheepskin seat covers for a myriad of different makes, models and years of vehicles. If we don’t have a pattern for your specific automobile, we can custom make it.

All Star Upholstery Offers

  • Made from 100% genuine sheepskin
  • Tailor made from exact patterns or custom made
  • Elastic borders and hidden straps completely secure seat
  • Available in your choice of 12 colors
  • Available in Super Plush – a 1” thick sheepskin for your greatest comfort

Sheepskin Seat Inserts
If you’re tired of the shivering cold in the winter and smoldering heat and stickiness in the summer from your leather or vinyl seats – sheepskin inserts are your answer. They fit nicely down the middle of your automobile seat, and are made from the same 100%, high quality, genuine sheepskin. It’s a luxurious and classy look that will keep you comfortable while the durability of sheepskin stands up to the wear and tear prone panel of the middle of the seat.

Sheepskin Steering Wheel Covers
Protection for your hands; All Star Upholstery can create for you a new steering wheel cover from 100 % pure sheepskin no matter the make model or year of your vehicle. Sheepskin covers are durable and will keep you from freezing your hands during the cold winter months as well as protect your hands from the heat of an intensely hot steering wheel on those hot summer days.

Sheepskin Seat belt Covers
With seat belt covers made of genuine sheepskin you can say goodbye to the discomfort and irritation of your shoulder harnesses.

  • Made with easily securing Velcro fasteners
  • Easy to remove and secure back in place
  • 12” in length and 2 ½” wide when folded over seat belt
  • Also easily made for your golf bag, luggage and laptop bags

Sheepskin Floor Mats
“The original Rolls Royce floor mats.” Sheepskin offers the finest in luxurious floor mats – made from 100% genuine sheepskin, stuffed and backed with a leather heel pad. Cradle your feet in the exceptional softness…

  • Made from 100% genuine Super Plush 1” thick sheepskin
  • Made in three layers: Sheepskin, foam and non-slip rubber backing
  • Drivers side leather heel pad
  • Available in your choice of front 2-piece or front And rear 4-piece sets
  • Available in a variety of colors to match or compliment your interior

Sheepskin Heel Pad

Protect your expensive footwear with the elegant luxury of a sheepskin heel pad that fits directly under your cars foot pedals. It will protect the finish of your shoes from the exposure to everyday driving all while supporting your feet in the gentle softness of 1” thick, 100% genuine sheepskin.

  • Made from Super Plush 1” thick, 100% genuine sheepskin
  • Offered in sizes 9” x 7” and 10” x 9” or custom made
  • Available in your choice of a wide variety of colors to compliment your vehicles interior
  • Features a Velcro attachment system for easy installation and removal

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