Super Luxury Cars

Natural aptitude for upholstery work and extra-ordinary knowledge and capabilities are what defines the work of All Star Upholstery; making our work the standard in the industry…
All Star Upholstery is acknowledged nationally as the authority in authentic interior reproductions of classic European luxury automobiles. You would be hard-pressed to find anyone in the country more masterful at preserving the integrity of original factory engineering, design and appearance than All Star.

8 maybach

You already own one of the world’s most prestigious of vehicles. But, if your interior is showing premature signs of wear, we at All Star Upholstery are your experts in restoring the original, masterfully designed, flawless interior you long for; again making your entire vehicle the work of art it once was.

Whether you’re in the market for Classic Restoration or Late Model Upgrades…

Services Offered:

  • Seats
  • Door Panels
  • Headliner
  • Carpet Mats
  • Dash
  • Center Consoles
  • Convertible Top Installation
  • Convertible Top Frame Alignment & Adjustments
  • Steering Wheel Recovery
  • E-Brake Boot
  • Shift Knob
  • Shift Boot
  • Trunk
  • Foam Comfort Modification
  • Ergonomic Modifications
  • Lumbar Supports

Material Options Available:

  • Fine Leathers
  • Ultra Leather
  • Designer Fabrics; Louis Vuitton fabric, Coach fabric, Gucci fabric
  • Exotic Hides
  • Luxury Carpets
  • Mouton Carpet
  • Sheep Skin
  • Sheep Skin Accessories
  • Alcantara Suede


Rolls Royce – Bentley – Aston Martin – Ferrari – Porsche – Jaguar – Lamborghini – Maserati Bugatti –Alfa Romero – Audi – land Rover – Mercedes Benz – Mayboch – BMW 

1 aston martin 2 3 land rover 4 rools royce 5 audi 6 porsche 7 mercedes  9 maybach 12 mercedes 13 Range Rover 14 Rolls Royce convertible top 15 rolls royce convertble top 16 rools royce convertible top 17 Audi convertible top 22 aston-martin upholstery 23 audi upholstery 24 bentley upholstery 25 Jaguar upholstery 26 BMW upholstery 27 Bugatti upholstery 28 ferrari upholstery 29 Maserati upholstery 30 Maybach upholstery 31 Rolls Royce upholstery 32 Rover upholstery