Convertible Tops

All Star Upholstery has installed over 3000 convertible tops on nearly all makes, models and years of cars- foreign and domestic. If you own a convertible such as a Roadster, Cabriolet, Speedster, Tourer, Drophead Coupe, Drop Top or Rag Top you’ve found the right upholstery shop.

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Convertible top Installation requires a vast amount of expertise, and we here at All Star have what it takes to do the job right. After 22 years, All Star Upholstery has the experience, know-how and skills of more than 3,000 successful top installations under our belt. We are true masters in the industry making us the one upholstery shop you can trust with the car you love so much; and rest assured, we welcome and are accustomed to dealing with most all insurance companies. We will handle any claim you may have for you.

Proper Fitting of the Frame :

It’s always best to begin top restoration with the best foundation possible. If your frame is 20/30 years old, and is not in good shape, you’re not going to have a good looking top. Once your frame has reached such an age it is typically a good idea to restore it. If you want the best outcome possible then simply replacing the top skin is not a good idea.

We always start with a proper mechanical inspection of your frame. If your frame does not mechanically work right-it won’t look right either. Just as in building a house, you have to start with the foundation, in other words; the frame must be properly and fully alignedbeforethe soft top is installed. A huge mistake most people make is making adjustments with the soft top on.

We first begin by adjusting the top frame assembly to the body of the car and the windshield header. Once that procedure is complete, we adjust the doors and door glass to precisely fit the convertible frame. Lastly, we perform a final test and inspection of all functioning mechanisms and of the folding top before we actually install the convertible top skin. This entire methodical process ensures for the best possible weather tight seal of the convertible top.

Complete Top Frame Restoration Options :

  • Broken Frame Welding
  • Frame Component Replacement
  • Corrosion Control
  • Painting
  • Tack Strip Replacement
  • For an outstanding restoration, we disassemble the framework, strip and refinish all parts, then reassemble and replace framework

Convertible Power Top Systems Repaired or Replaced :

  • Hydro Electric Pump Motor
  • Hydraulic Ram
  • Power Top Relay/Switch
  • Hydraulic Hose

Convertible Top Skins –There are more than 40 manufacturers of ready to install convertible tops and many of these tops have a less than desirable quality and fit.

We only offer convertible tops from manufacturers we are certain produce high quality, reputable tops that offer substantial warranties such as…

  • Robbins Auto Tops
  • Electron Tops
  • Gahh Tops
  • *We know and will make you aware of the best options available for the job you need done.
  • *We will never stretch your top to “make it” fit. We “install them” properly. When tops are improperly stretched tightly, you will never be able to latch them down correctly, and no amount of time in the sun will correct the issue! When we have completed your new top installation, even a child will be able to latch it.

All Star Also Offers:

  • Custom Made Tops
  • Tonneau Covers
  • Top Boots
  • Bop Tops – a Bop Top is a convertible top available for the 1928-29 and 1932 Ford Roadsters that is lightweight, easily removed, broken down and can be conveniently stored in the trunk while requiring little space.

Do-IT-Yourself Installation – is highly discouraged! As the likelihood of the top being accidentally ruined and you having to purchase another one is extremely high.


Many late model convertibles have headliners covering up the framework for a more finished interior look, as do some of the older, classic and high-end and import convertibles. These headliners can become dirty, worn, torn and faded requiring replacement. The best time for replacement is, of course, while the convertible top is being replaced.

Customer Supplied Top-Purchasing Your Own With The Intention Of Having Us Install It

If someone goes on the internet and purchases a convertible top online, or on eBay, they are susceptible to warranty issues. If we here at All Star, both, purchase and install your top, you are covered under a full warranty for the top and the installation-you have nothing to worry about. If there’s a problem, we will deal with having to take it off and deal with the manufacturer’s warranty, and re-install it. However, if a customer purchases a top and brings it to us for installation, and there is a problem with it after we install it; the customer has to pay us again to remove the top in order for them to deal with their manufacturer over the warranty issue, and, pay us again to re-install it. Essentially, the customer is putting themselves at risk by purchasing their own top, and bringing it to us just to try to save a few bucks. The customer ends up very upset with us, their manufacturer, the financial set-back and all the time and trouble involved.

Buying a Convertible Top That Has Been In a Box for Years

DON’T DO IT!! Tops which have been in a box for years, end up with wrinkles that will never go away. We call them; “Box Wrinkles.” They are permanent, and nothing you do or try to do will make them disappear.

Buying an Old Car with the convertible Top Having Been Stored In the Trunk

DON’T GET DUPPED! It only takes one year for a top stored in the trunk of a car to end up with permanent wrinkles, and this happens even faster than being stored somewhere in a box. The wrinkles get baked in very quickly!


Many convertibles have sewn in plastic windows. Over time these plastic windows become susceptible to:

  • Turning white- due to age, sun and water exposure
  • They can become severely scratched and hazy from dirt, and improper cleaning
  • Cold-Cracking- due to raising and lowering the top during the winter months

There are issues you need to keep in mind when considering to have a new plastic window installed. The life expectancy of a convertible top is 7 to 10 years; depending on how the car is stored and cared for. So, if you are considering having a new window sewn in, and your top is over 5 years old, you would be much better off simply replacing the entire top. We have tried to install a new window in a very old top many times in the past, and usually as we are removing the top from the frame, it begins to fall apart due to deterioration.

Another issue to consider is it takes 8 to 12 hrs of labor to Remove and Replace (R & R) most tops, plus the time to sew in the new window as well as the cost of the window. Ultimately, at 5 years +, it is much more cost effective to simply invest in replacing the entire top.

Convertible Top Replacement Turn-Around Time

Once all of the materials have arrived, it takes one to two days for installation depending on the make, model year, and condition of your vehicle.


If you have a glass rear window that is cracked or broken, and are in need of a replacement window, it is often an insurance claim. We welcome and are accustomed to dealing with most all insurance companies. We will handle and expedite the insurance claim for you.

Commonly, we will install a temporary window so you are able to use your vehicle while we are waiting for the replacement window, any additional parts and for the insurance claim to be processed. Once the window and parts arrive, and the insurance company has processed your claim, we will make an appointment with you to bring your car in and leave it with us, usually for just one day. Though, bear in mind that every car is different. But, even though every car is different, we always try to complete your window installation with as little down-time as possible.


We Fix or Replace:

  • Water Leaks
  • Air Leaks
  • Wind Noise
  • Weather Stripping

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