Canvas Specialty Accessories

Helm Cover – is a canvas cover for the steering gear of your boat. The cover can be secured with your choice of snaps, Velcro or free-fit.

Windlass Covers – tailor made covers for your boats windlasses.

Windshield Covers – covers used to keep windshields clean and the sun and heat out as well as provide privacy.

Motor Cover – tailor made canvas covers for UV protection of your outboard motor as well as protection from rock chips and bugs while traveling; available with the addition of a liner material for protection from abrasion. We can make them as a simple one-piece cover included as part of your boat cover or as a completely separate piece.

Companionway cover – is a canvas cover made for the purpose of reducing heat and leaks through the companionway hatch when your boat is not in use and during inclement weather. It will further protect your any wooden parts of the hatch from the elements.

Sail Cover – built to order, handmade, reinforced canvas cover to fit your boats particular mast and boom. We use only the highest quality marine webbing and hardware.

Canvas Storage Bags – we can custom fabricate canvas storage bags for any purpose you have in mind to help you conveniently store away items and keep them organized, protected and dry.

Sea Anchors – “parachute” sea anchors will reduce your boats drift up to 90%. They often prove to be indispensable during rough waters.

Top Boot Cover – is an essential canvas accessory as it will extend the life of your bimini top by protecting it from the elements when not in use.

Carpet Runners – are made of canvas pieces custom shaped to cover and protect your boats carpet from premature wear; attached and secured with snaps.

Console Cover – covers the center console offering the instruments protection from the elements.

Instrument Cover – is a simple cover made to protect only the dash instrument panel.

Hatch Cover – a protective cover for a boats hatch.

Canvas Seat Covers – are used to protect upholstered seats from UV damage and foul weather

T-Top – are generally used for sun protection; covering the center console of a center console boat.

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