Bop Tops

The Bop Top is a good looking lightweight removable top system that nicely accents the lines of the car while providing protection from the elements. The overall design and style originated with the 1928-29 and 1932 Ford Roadsters. The Bop Top style may evoke memories of the classic “Speedster” top, yet it has a modern flare that will nicely compliment any car from Retro to contemporary.

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The Bop Top easily removes from the car and quickly disassembles for storage in the trunk or behind the seat while using little space. One of its best features is there is no need to modify the appearance of your car with unsightly snaps. The Bop Top has a specially designed frame that uses the same factory mounting brackets as the Roadsters and never comes into contact with the cars body anywhere other than at the mounts. This means you can rest assured there will never be any paint and body damaging contact. What a plus! Additionally, there is no need for custom fabrication as there are several windshield styles available and unlike typical convertible tops, the Bop Top comes with a glass back window-eliminating any potential worries over plastic window yellowing and deterioration.

Bop Top Frame and Soft Top Materials

The steel frame is powder coated for a uniform, high quality, attractive finish and is covered with an extremely durable Haartz Stayfast soft top material enabling your new Bop Top to hold its shape and brilliant color for years to come.

Popular Bop Top Options :

  • Versions for Stock Windshields with 2” and 3” Chops
  • SoCal Windshield Style
  • DuVall Windshield Style
  • Dan Fink Windshield Style
  • Removable Rear Curtain
  • Side Curtains
  • Over 15 Color Options


Rod Tops
Rod Tops are top quality, stylish and economical top systems that install and remove in a snap and they work as great as they look. Rod Tops make use of the original top mounting brackets reducing the possibility of scratches because the rear belt line bow hovers over the bodies painted surface. They also come with adapting hardware for a variety of windshield frames. Rod Tops disassemble quickly and will stow away neatly in their storage bag behind the seat, in the trunk or in the rumble seat compartment taking up little space.

Rod Top Available Options :

  • 1928-1929 2” Chop Windshields
  • 1930-1931 2” Chop Windshields
  • 1932 Stock Height, 2” Chop, 3” Chop, 4” Chop, DuVall, SoCal, Dan-Fink
  • 1933-1934 2” Chop, Dan Fink
  • Powdered Coated Frame
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • A flush mount can be ordered when a stock mount is unavailable
  • Side Curtains
  • Zip Out Rear Window
  • Over 15 Color Options

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