Carpet Mats

You can give your vessel that distinguished touch of class with AquaMat marine carpet mats which are specifically designed and fabricated for the tough, open area of your boat. They are marine-grade; waterproof, UV stabilized, anti-microbial, stain and fade resistant and are accompanied by a high quality backing that does not breakdown over time and deteriorate into tiny pieces all over your boat like cheaper ones.


These carpet mats snap in place, are a great look, extremely durable and easy to care for. Because they snap in place, they can be easily removed to clean or for boat maintenance. AquaMat carpet mats clean up with soap and water and a brush and can be rinsed with a hose and hung to dry. These snap-in carpet mats have a luxuriously comfortable look, are a pleasure to walk on and when covering hardwood floors provide much better protection than simple canvas runners. They provide the additional benefits of safer, non-slip boarding and securing things from sliding around such as your gear and coolers. What’s more; AquaMat carpet mats have a heavy, almost sticky, non-skid rubber-backing to ensure their capacity to stay in place. Whether you want a stylish look, to protect your floors or desire something soft under your feet, All Star Upholstery can pattern your AquaMat carpet mats to your boats exact floor dimensions for a custom fit.

For a personalized distinction, your AquaMat floor mats can be fabricated with an inlay design of your choosing such as your boats name, company name or the matching of your boats graphics.

OEM Factory Carpet Mat Replacement: We pattern and custom make OEM factory carpet mats on regular basis and already have many of the patterns for most late model boats. We can use one of these patterns or customize your mats to your specifications.


Materials Options Offered:

  • Marine Carpet – Cut Pile
  • Marine Carpet – Berber
  • Marine Weave – Synthetic
  • Multiple Colors
  • Multiple Patterns
  • Inlay Designs; boat name, company name, graphics, artwork
  • Sunbrella Canvas Binding
  • Vinyl Binding


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