AirCraft Cover

You want an aircraft cover to protect your avionics and upholstery from the damaging effects of extreme temperatures and to prevent the possibility of any leaking through your doors or window seals during inclement weather. So, the last thing you want for your prized possession is a “one-size fits-all” cover.


An All Star Upholstered Aircraft Cover is always made to order and will be handcrafted and custom made to your aircrafts specific make, model and year for an exacting protective fit and sleek appearance. Additionally, your new aviation cover will keep your window surfaces clean as well as help to prevent theft by blocking the view to your aircrafts’ interior. At All Star, we are seasoned upholstery specialists; utilizing the vast amount of experience and innovative practices we’ve acquired after decades in the upholstery business and we only use the best quality materials to create breathable, waterproof, durable, and attractive aircraft covers that will stand the test of time.

Airplane Covering Options

  • Complete Cover Set-Entire Aircraft Cover
  • Cabin/ Cockpit/ Canopy Covers
  • Tail/Wing/Empennage Covers
  • Engine Cowling Covers
  • Engine Inlet Plugs
  • Propeller/Spinner Covers
  • Fitted Hanger Dust Cover

Additional Jet Specific Cover Options

  • Jet Engine Intake/Exhaust Covers
  • Jet Intake/Exhaust Plugs
  • Non-Burning AOA/Pitot/ TAT Covers

Helicopter Cover Options

  • Cockpit/Bubble/Windshield Covers
  • Tail Rotor/Main Rotor Hub/Fenestron Covers
  • Rotor Blade Covers
  • Blade Tie-Downs
  • Engine Cover-Insulated Cold Options
  • Main Body-Completely Enclosed Fuselage
  • Tail Boom Cover & Stabilizers
  • Inflatable Rubber Float Covers

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