Automotive Molded Carpet

At All Star Upholstery, we are remarkable molded carpet installers as our experience and the attention we pay to detail in everything we do is unparalleled. If the car you treasure is in need of a perfect OEM factory fit and style molded carpet, you can always trust in the quality of an All Star Upholstered installation.

It would seem as though self-installation of a molded carpet would be easy and simple, but take note that new molded carpet installation requires disassembly and reassembly of the vehicles interior as well as cutting and trimming as the new carpet comes slightly over sized and without pre-cut cutouts for seat bolts and other components.

The term “molded carpet” is automotive interior specific. Molded carpet is also make, model and year specific as the molding process requires the use of the original floorpan design. Through the use of vacuum and heat the carpet is molded to conform to the exact shape and contours of the vehicles floorpan. The carpet is then allowed to sit and cool in the mold in order to retain its shape. A well molded automotive carpet will nicely hug the floorpan of your car with no pockets of loose fitting carpet.

Molded carpet has been used in automotive manufacturing since the process was developed in the 1940’s and is made with a variety of carpet fiber options such as cut pile and 80/20 loop (80%rayon/20%nylon).

Another thing to consider when replacing the molded carpet in your vehicle is that it’s also a great time to additionally have All Star Upholstery make matching custom floor mats for you. We can fabricate your new mats with embroidered logos, art work or monograms.

Inquire today about availability and prices for your specific make, model and year of car.

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