Canvas Enclosure

Camper Complete Enclosures –can be made to attach to your existing sunshade, convertible or bimini top to completely enclose the entire open area of the boat with canvas and windows extending the protection you’ll get from the sun and inclement weather. It will also help to keep you warm on those cool evenings as well as when you want to use your boat early or late in the season; expanding the amount of times you can use and enjoy your boat.

ranger boat

Aft Curtain – is made to attach to the back of a top; extending and securing to the aft of the boat.

Side Curtains – attach to sides of a top snapping in place to the windshield and deck of the side of the boat. Each of the different materials available for the fabrication of window curtains requires a different process for proper assembly and we at All Star Upholstery are more than familiar them all.

Drp Curtaino – attaches to the very back of a top and drops down directly to the floor; windows and a zippered walk-through doorway are optional.

Walk-Through Zipper Curtain – is a curtain which allows you to easily move between the cockpit and bow of the boat. The zipper curtain can be used on the front windshield curtain or the back drop curtain of a Bimini enclosure.

Visor/Windshield– extending off the top of an arch or bimini top, a visor is a clear curtain secured to the windshield with snaps.

All of the above mentioned enclosure curtains can be made in your choice of a smile or frown U – shaped zipper to allow the opening and closing of the window requiring no need to unfasten curtain edges – screened ventilation is optional.

You have your choice of the best in curtain enclosure materials:

  • Sunbrella
  • Top Gun
  • Stamoid
  • Aqualon
  • UV Resistant Thread
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • No-See-Um Screen
  • Phifertex

MVC-001S (6)

Isinglass – marine quality clear curtains – 30ml thick (available in thicker mil upon request)

Markrolon Polycarbonate Sheets – a thermoplastic polymer; exceptionally scratch resistant

Markrolon UC – scratch resistant polycarbonate material characterized by highly visible light transmission

Regalite – is a standard marine grade window vinyl with a highly polished finish; soft and flexible

Clear Double Polished Vi – double polished during manufacturing for a more optimal optical clarity

Crystal Clear– press polished window vinyl with a light smoke tint; designed to be free of distortion, fish eye, haziness and dimples for good optical clarity

Strataglass– the same quality vinyl as Crystal Clear, but with an added plasticizer coating to help it remain soft and supple and engineered to resist scratching from handling and the damaging effects of the sun all while blocking out 100% of the spectrum of UV rays

O’ Sea Polished Vinyl – is manufactured for exceptional durability and optical clarity as well as formulated to chemically resist the damaging effects of sunscreen lotion, fuel vapors and insect repellent.
Inquire today for current material availability and pricing for your vessel!

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