Cut & Sewn

You will find that All Star Upholstery is a “Cut” above all the rest…
If you happen to be the proud owner of a classic car or truck, domestic or foreign, in need of an original cut and sew carpet installation, you need look no further for the right upholstery shop. At All Star Upholstery, we are true masters of the ‘old world’ techniques of cut and sew.

2 cut and sewn

Today’s automobiles typically come with factory molded carpet. However, most automobiles produced prior to the 1960’s came with factory cut and sewn carpet. At All Star Upholstery, we are truly gifted at automotive cut and sew carpet applications. We use the same high quality materials as used in molded carpet, yet we use the ‘old world’ cut and sew techniques to bring your classic automobile back to the former glory of its original state.

Many of today’s neighborhood upholstery shops do not possess the knowledge, are simply not capable of or have long forgotten this automotive cut and sew carpet method of installation. Cut and sew carpet installation requires a high degree of artful proficiency as multiple pieces of carpet need to be carefully contoured to precisely accommodate the shape and form of the vehicle’s floorpan. At All Star, we possess this high degree of artful proficiency and we have archived all cut and sewn carpet patterns over the last 22 years. However, if one is not available for your specific classic car or truck, we can custom hand pattern one for you.

Other Reasons for Cut and Sew Carpet Applications:

  • Manufacturers no longer produce molded carpet for your later model vehicle
  • You desire installation of a high end carpet such as Wilton Wool which is not produced as a molded carpet
  • You own a car that has been customized such as a Street Rod, Hot Rod or Kustom Car with a modified floor

Cut & Sew Carpet Options:

  • Customized Heal pads; design, materials and colors
  • Hand Rolled Binging; leather, canvas, vinyl, fabric
  • Color Contrasting Binding


1 cut and sewn  3 cut and sewn 4 before cut and sewn