Steering Wheel

Hand-stitched, steering wheel restoration is a fine art that we at All Star Upholstery have mastered and can offer to you, in combination with a full interior service, as one of our many upholstery services. We use only highest quality of materials and sewing threads, and our customers come to us from near and far because of the uniquely elegant features of our craftsmanship and handwork.

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When combined with a full interior car upholstery service, All Star Upholstery offers a full steering wheel recovery and restoration service for classic cars, modern cars and everything in-between. Basically, anything with a wheel; we can cover it. All Star has the expertise to upholster or reupholster any steering wheel in the world. We can cover your steering wheel as it was originally, cover it two-tone, or completely customize it to your own personal preference. Your steering wheel will look and feel like brand new, we guarantee it! Please keep in mind that steering wheel services are not available as standalone services and must be combined with full interior services.

Steering Wheel Options

  • Re-stitching
  • Restoration
  • Recovering
  • Customizing

Material Options

  • Leather
  • Vinyl
  • Ultra Suede
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Alcantara (artificial substitute for suede leather)

Exotic Material Options

  • Alligator
  • Snake skin
  • Ostrich
  • Crocodile
  • …and many more

Stitching Options

  • Cross Stitch (found on early model Porsche models)
  • French Seam
  • Baseball
  • Basting Stitch [Interlock Stitch] (found on Porsche, BMW and Mercedes)

Steering Wheels

Steering Wheel Airbags
Airbags have been mandatory since 1998. So, many of the vehicles brought in for new steering wheel upholstery have airbags. In order for us to re-stitch the steering wheel, it is necessary to remove and reinstall the airbag. You can trust that All Star Upholstery is trained in the proper removal, handling, and reinstallation of steering wheel airbag.

Leather E-Brake Boot & Leather Shift Boot
Are hand-cut out of any of the same high quality materials offered for steering wheels. All Star can match any OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) color or customize to it to your liking, such as two-tone or multi-colored stitching. For your convenience, you can ship your old one to us, we can make an exact copy of your original boot and ship you your new one in a quick and timely manner.

Leather Shift Knobs
Is your leather shift knob worn and tattered looking? All Star upholstery is skilled and experienced at hand stitching new leather shift knob covers as well. Your new shift knob cover can even be cut out of the same material you choose for your steering wheel.

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