Convertible Top Boots

Convertible Top Boot/Parade Boot/Hood Boot – is a cover used to conceal a contracted convertible top after it is folded down into its well. This type of cover is specifically used to protect the convertible top and give the car a nicely finished appearance. Depending on the automobile, they are attached to the car by various methods such as Velcro, snaps, or slides which are hidden underneath the trim.

1 1969 orange camaro boot

Why Replace Your Convertible Top Boot?
Because top boots are not permanently attached to the vehicle and routinely go for long periods of time without being used, they are often misplaced, lost or stolen. They, further, are susceptible to wear and tear, stains, shrinkage and fading. All of which can negatively affect the overall appearance of your car.

At All Star Upholstery, we’ve been making and replacing convertible top boots for as long as we have been in the upholstery business. Consequently, after 22 years of pattern making, we already have a multitude of patterns available to replicate your cars boot in a timely manner without sacrificing quality. However, if a pattern is unavailable for your specific car, we can readily create a handcrafted custom pattern.

We can reproduce boots for American as well as foreign cars, and you have your choice of OEM materials and colors, leathers, vinyl’s or fabrics.

2 porsche 911 boot 3 ferrari 348 boot