Floor Mats

Not only will floor mats protect your vehicles floor carpeting, but the addition of a new, flawless set of All Star Upholstered floor mats can be a beautiful adornment to your car’s interior. We offer you your choice of any combination of carpet and binding colors to reflect your own personal style as a finishing touch to your car’s interior.

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If you’re looking to go green in the way of floor mats and would like to have your new mats fabricated from a sustainable material, we offer custom made Cocomats and Sisal Mats made from coconut fibers and Agave Sisalana fibers, respectively. Cocomats have been around since before the advent of automobile interior floor carpeting. There are many great benefits to both Cocomats and Sisal Mats; they are woven materials; therefore, dirt and pebbles filter through the mat and get trapped at the rubber bottom for an always spotless looking floor mat; they are extremely durable showing little wear over long periods of use and have a great, true classic, multi-tone look. We, further, offer 100% Sea Grass custom woven mats as an additional green option.

All Star Offers Floor Mats:

  • Made to original OEM specifications
  • Made from Stock Patterns
  • Custom Made/Personalized to size, fabric styles and color preference
  • Made from a wide variety of fabrics and carpet manufacturers
  • In two and four piece sets
  • With Griplock, non-skid backing
  • With Inlaid Logos and Lettering
  • With Embroidered Logos and Lettering

Carpet Styles/Types Offered:

  • Wool/Synthetic Carpet Mats – high quality mats that nicely coordinate with your car’s interior that greatly exceed the quality of universal floor mats and often factory, too.
  • Sheepskin Mats – “the original Rolls Royce floor mats” Sheepskin offers the very finest in luxury floor mats – made from 100% genuine sheepskin, stuffed and backed with leather heel Pad.
  • Coco Mats – loosely woven imported coconut fibers in multi-tone colors with bound edges and anti-slip backing. Cocomats are not only extremely durably, but can also give your car’s interior that correct period look.
  • Sisal Mats – tightly woven fibers made from the leaves of the Agave Sisalana cactus plant in multi-tone colors with bound edges and anti-slip backing
  • Sea Grass Mats – made from 100% sea grass; offered in various weaves for a unique looking floor mat

*Materials and colors are continuously changing. Please contact us for current options.

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