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Mooring Cover Fit -No matter how well made, a mooring cover is only as good as fits, and at All Star Upholstery, your new mooring cover will be custom made to accommodate all of the various parts of your particular boat. We even have the skills and experience to accommodate for aftermarket options such as wakeboard towers.

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Mooring Cover – Mooring covers are unlike other forms of boat covers which use snaps and are generally the cover of choice for outside storage due to the complete protection it offers. A mooring cover covers the entire boat usually just below the side rub rails. The cover has an all-around hem with a sewn in rope and/or comes with straps that run underneath the boat from one side to the other to pull the cover tight. Not only will a mooring cover protect your entire boat from the elements and debris, it can further protect your gel coat from UV fading.

Mooring Covers for Traveling/”Trailering”-These are specially constructed road travel covers. They have reinforcements and often have soft padding on the underside for high wear areas such as windshield corners and are fabricated to not damage the gel coat due to flapping in the wind and rubbing.

TIP: If your mooring cover is not a specially designed cover for trailering and you use it as such, it will deteriorate and wear through quickly, especially at high wear points.

Mooring Cover Options :

  • Mooring Cover
  • Mooring Travel Cover
  • Motor Cover
  • Trolling Motor Cover
  • Tie-Downs
  • Vents
  • Wakeboard Tower Cutout
  • Cleat and Lift Ring Cutouts
  • Mooring Cover Repair

Material Options :

  • Top Gun
  • Aqualon
  • UV Resistant Thread

At All Star, we offer a multitude of material options as well as colors. Inquire today to discuss current availability and pricing.


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