Seat belts

Today, seat belts are an absolute must. Not only are they a mandatory requirement in most states, but many states, such as Minnesota, have made “not” being buckled-up a Primary Offense. Meaning; you can now be pulled over, ticketed and fined just for not wearing your seat belt.

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That being said, if you have a 1975 car or older with complete interior, and you’re looking for a reputable and dependable upholstery shop you can trust to replace, retrofit, re-web or modify your cars seat belts, then look no further. All Star Upholstery takes great pride in the fact that our clients have trusted us with their safety belt installations and modifications since we opened our doors 22 years ago. We possess the necessary seat/safety belt knowledge, experience, tools, special threads and techniques; all of which are requirements to meet today’s seat belt standards. At All Star, when it comes to your seat belts; your safety is priority one!

Whether you own a late model car, an older car, a hot rod, street rod, antique, classic, muscle car, race car or airplane, you can trust that at All Star Upholstery there is nothing we have not done in the way of seat belt fabrication, augmentation or installation; you can trust All Star Upholstered seat belts!

All Star Upholstery Can Correctly and Dependably:

  • Replace existing seat belts in any automobile (1975 or older)
  • Re-web seat belts for older and antique cars (1975 or older)
  • Restore seat belts to 100 point judging standards
  • Retrofit seat belts in cars, UTVs and industrial equipment
  • Re-web your new seat belt assembly in nearly any color of your choosing
  • Make seat modifications for seat belts to go through the seat

Seat Belt Installation Service Options:

  • Aircraft Buckles
  • 2 point Lap Belts
  • 3 point Retractable Shoulder Belts
  • 5 point Belts
  • Racing Car Seat Belts

*As flawless and dependable as our seat belt installations are; due to the fact that our seat belt installations are not factory authorized we do require the signing of a waver releasing All Star Upholstery from any and all liability before the commencement of any seat/safety belt work.

*Seat belt services are only available for cars that are from 1975 or older with complete interior.