Suspended bow style headliners were used since the early 1900’s up until the early 1970’s. They are typically supported by bowed rods on the underside of the headliner which are slipped through sleeves. Often, these rods slid into clips at each end of the ceiling.

1940 ford suspended headliner

When your headliner is replaced, the original bows from the old headliner are slid into the sleeves of the new headliner. Once the bows are properly in place, the new headliner is heated, stretched and glued into place in the vehicle.

Depending on the make, model and year of the automobile, some installations require the removal of the windshield and windows as the headliner is wrapped in place under the glass seals.

CAUTION: If you are thinking of having your headliner replaced please be aware that windshields are very fragile. If yours is chipped and/or cracked you should plan on replacing that as well because it will likely break completely once the removal process begins. We are not liable for, nor do we guarantee any glass can or will be removed without breakage.
Note: Side windows are more durable than windshields as they are tempered.

Another thing to consider: if your cars windows have rubber moldings around them and they are aged, cracked and dry rotting you should assume that they, too, will need replacement.

1 1936 ford custom suspended headliner Leather